7 Tips on How to Summarize My Paper

Why Might You Need Our Help to Summarize My Paper?

Although summarizing is similar to paraphrasing in many ways, one of the main characteristics which define it and so makes it different is that the purpose is to simply sum up the central points only. The end result will be much shorter than the original piece and gives your audience a general introduction to it which has been written using your own choice of words that are entirely different from the source. While the process to summarize my paper sounds like a complicated process, we actually see it used in our everyday lives all the time, from newspaper headlines or when speaking with a friend on the phone and giving them a rundown on what you’ve been doing lately. The biggest problem with writing a summary paper though is plagiarism, either through wrongful citing of the source material or by using the original wording instead of your own.

In surveys carried out by Donald L. McCabe, a business professor at Rutgers University, found that around 40 percent of undergraduate students have  admitted to copying in their written assignments and while many people are unaware that this is actually quite a big academic crime that can have some really disastrous consequences if it was found to be deliberate, many of the students surveyed said they would do it again.

Professional Guidance with How to Summarize a Research Paper

Writing a research summary, distilling it down to its most important ideas in just a few paragraphs is an important skill for all students to master during their higher education. It is a process that they will be asked to carry out many times during their chosen degree program, especially when asked to summarize articles to include in their own research. When you do summarize someone else’s work, however, you can’t simply rely on the wording they have used to create their main points; you need to find your own way to give a short overview without your writing becoming too vague. You will also have to choose which information you want to include when writing summary papers and what to omit, bearing in mind your ultimate purpose for summarizing in the first place. To help with the process of writing a college summary paper, our experts have included the following guide to help you:

  • The first sentence should contain the name of the author and the work in question
  • The next few sentences should break down the central concept but restate in your own unique wording
  • On longer articles, find out how many arguments or an explanation is built up over many paragraphs or sections
  • Split the paper into sections then cover each idea with its own sentence
  • Don’t include anything that is not vitally important to the main arguments or facts
  • Leave out any minor details or specific examples unless they make up a key part of the argument
  • Don’t include any of your own personal comments or ideas
  • Don’t copy anything directly from the original when writing a summary essay. If you must use any of the author’s original words, they have to be shown within quotation marks so that you  avoid any possible plagiarism
  • Never look at the original source text when you are writing any form of academic summary
  • When finished, reread the original and your summary to ensure that all the key facts have been included and that your writing academic summary is sufficiently different as to avoid any plagiarism issues

Common Errors That Occur When Writing Essay Summary

There are many pitfalls with all forms of academic writing and this is especially true when trying to break down what some else has written into your own words. As we have already established the rules concerning plagiarism, there are other problem areas that get many students all in a kerfuffle when writing essay summary:

  • Have poor reading skills and so don’t understand much of the content
  • Copying word for word, instead of using their own resulting in plagiarism
  • Write complete sentences instead of taking just the relevant facts
  • Stray too far away from the author’s main points
  • Misunderstanding of what is required in a summary
  • Use too many words so it’s more like a paraphrased text rather than a summary
  • Confuses the reader due to poor writing skills and lots of spelling mistakes

The center for writing studies at the University of Illinois says that:

summarize my paper

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