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To summarize articles correctly involves taking just the main ideas and then restating them as briefly as possible. Unlike paraphrasing, you take only the most important information from the source material, condense it and then express it in your own wording. This should give anyone reading it an overview or the gist of what the article is about which then gives them the option of reading the original. In its basic form, summarizing is quite simple with most people doing it in everyday life; telling friends about a movie you watched or note taking in school to give a couple of examples. However, when it comes to breaking down complex issues in an article, this is when most people start to run into problems and why being attentive when a teacher is trying to teach summarize a book is so vital at school.

Because some articles are increasingly difficult to understand, let alone try and summarize, recent trends show an increasing rise in academic theft or plagiarism of material. As high as 62% of undergraduates from just over 71,000 surveyed confirmed they cheated in some way, according to the international center for academic integrity and did get away with it. But for those that do get caught cheating, the punishments can be quite severe from getting a fail grade on the paper to losing your place in the university. This is why many people get professional assistance from services such as ours for expert help to summarize article online.

Professional Help with How to Summarize an Article

Before you can begin writing a summary of an article, you first need to understand the basic elements that are attributed to doing it successfully. While looking through an article summary example will show you how that particular person dealt with the task, it won’t show you the steps of how to summarize a article in one paragraph or let you know the purpose of why it’s necessary to do it in the first place. When we need to condense a lot of information in a short space or summarize, the end result should:

  • Show the main ideas clearly
  • Be written in your own style
  • Be much shorter than the original document
  • Explain all the important arguments

To help you successfully summarize articles that will show your understanding of them and provide a concise breakdown that your readers can easily follow, our experts have got together to bring you a guide for you to get started. By paying attention to the following points for how to summarize an article APA style, you should be able to successfully break down any type of journal or paper:

  • Start by making a copy of the article or use software that lets you edit it
  • To summarize this article properly, you will have to read it through thoroughly at least once so you understand the topic
  • Underline the topic sentence of each paragraph
  • Rewrite that sentence using your own words on another piece of paper
  • After you have finished reading through the article, check the topic sentences you wrote down
  • Using your own words only, rewrite the main ideas using complete sentences and good transitional words
  • Make sure you don’t use any of the same words, phrases, or keep the sentence structure of the original
  • Thoroughly edit the material and leave out any unimportant details. When you summarize articles, they should be as short and concise as possible.

It takes a lot of concentration in order to get it right but with plenty of practice, the process will become that much easier. Make a mental note of the following common errors for next time you start to summarize articles and you will avoid all the pitfalls that so many people fall into:

  • Writing down everything and not separating out the more important points
  • Unsure of how to identify the important points so they get left out
  • Copying word for word instead of using their own
  • Straying too far from the main content
  • Including their own opinions or theories

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Our Experts Can Help You to Summarize Articles

Our experts understand just how difficult it can be to break down a complex subject that sufficiently explains it in a short and concise manner. To this end, we offer highly specialized assistance to help you summarize articles that you can trust to provide a high level of support to submit a well-written and accurate paper on time. When you come to us and ask for help to ‘summarize my article’ we always aim to ensure you are provided with the highest level of satisfaction through using our services and they are what you should expect from being one of the clear leaders in our field.

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