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Why Might You Need Our Professional Help to Summarize a Book?

Unlike paraphrasing, when you summarize a book, you are condensing it down to only give the reader the main ideas, key points or basic plot to whet their appetite but in your own words. This is simply to give them an outline of the story without giving too much away and gives them the option of whether they then want to read the book for themselves or not. It’s hard to overstate just how valuable this skill is and why by using a summary writing service, it can help you get through your English literature program at the university with very little problems. Writing a book summary is not without risk, however, plagiarism and learning how to avoid it has a crucial role to play.

Gerald Nelms, academic director for developmental writing at Wright State University relays to us that some studies that have been undertaken show that roughly 70% of over 50,000 students studying at some 60 different institutions in the U.S. admitted to some form of cheating within their own writing. Half of the cases being plagiarism on assignment essays through Wikipedia website or purchasing essays from the many summarize a book for me services which can be found on the internet. Often many cases of plagiarism are completely unintentional and are driven by students hurrying to get their work done. Often they will take poor notes or copy in material intending to change it later, the end result is copied work with no citations to highlight where the information came from or to give credit as it should be given.

Professional Help with How to Summarize a Chapter of a Book

Writing a book summary can be an extremely time-consuming process as you will first need to read it through thoroughly, often more than once so that you understand the content before you can effectively break it down in your own prose for others to follow. So when it comes down to actually starting a new project, no matter how long it may be, our experts have provided a short guide to assist you in getting the balance right to summarize a book:

  • Start by reading the book in small blocks, a few paragraphs at a time and write notes while you’re doing it. If there is any point where you fail to understand what’s happening, read it again until you do
  • Make a list of the main characters and pay attention to them
  • Try and determine what the book’s central theme is and don’t get distracted by the smaller details
  • Explain the main points of the book by sections
  • Describe the plot points and characters in your own words
  • Conclude writing a summary for a book by stating its key idea’s
  • Do not include your interpretation within the summary; make a clear distinction between your thoughts and someone else’s
  • Vary how you attribute your source, change between ‘according to’ and ‘so-and-so concludes that’… so your readers don’t get bored
  • Always include a citation
  • Always proofread to check for mistakes so that you don’t put your readers off with bad writing

The above guide should result in giving you a perfectly good summarize story to hand in, however, there are some common errors in which knowing what they are can save you from making the same mistakes:

  • The author’s purpose is not stated and you have missed the plot completely
  • Too much information gets added which makes it more like a book review, not a summary
  • The writer’s own words have been used instead of your own
  • Complete sentences are used which have very little meaning of the story
  • Mistakes in spelling and punctuation cause your summary to be confusing and inelegant, turning off the reader

The writing center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill tell us that:

summarize a book

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